The Perka™ Solution. A little loyalty. A lot of happy.

The Perka™ Solution is one of the easiest ways to market your business. By connecting you directly to your customers’ mobile phones, you can draw customers back to your business with special offers and rewards they’ll love. Perka makes customers happy, and happy customers keep coming back.

Turn loyalty into love.

Keep your customers happy and bring new ones in the door, without adding to your workday with the Perka solution. It’s easy to use, affordable and as fast as an old fashioned punchcard, and helps you capture the potential of big-brand marketing with the personal touch of your business. And the Perka solution works with almost every mobile phone, so your customers can tap into amazing rewards.

The Perka solution can help you:

  • Design your own rewards program. With Perka, you choose the best rewards and loyalty levels for your goals and customers, including your choice of a points- or punch-based system. Then evaluate how your program is performing and which rewards are most popular.
  • Stay constantly connected. Send special offers directly to customers’ mobile phones via the Perka app, and engage them whether they’re in the neighborhood or across town. And with social media features, you can reach out to new customers and encourage repeat visits.
  • Build stronger relationships. The Perka Beacon is a Bluetooth-enabled device that recognized when loyal customers enter your store. It’ll help you greet customers by name, recommend items they might like and deliver a fun, personal experience that keeps them coming back for more.
  • Reward sales, not visits. Some loyalty programs give out points just for showing up. With the Perka program, you can validate purchases at the register so only your best, paying customers get rewards.

The Perka solution makes it really easy to get started. We make sure you have everything you need to get your customers excited and your rewards program rolling.

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