Digital Gift Cards


Go Mobile, Go Gyft

Gyft offers your business a simple and cost-effective mobile gift card program.

  • Download Gyft and begin issuing gift cards in minutes
  • Sell branded mobile gift cards
  • Issue store credit to a mobile gift card through a Clover Station
  • Accept mobile gift cards from your customers’ phones
  • Check gift card balances quickly and easily
  • Reduce fraud common with paper certificates

Mobile gift cards with the Gyft for Business app

Imagine offering your customers the convenience of mobile gift cards without adding a new system or the hassle of more bookkeeping. Now you can. Just download the Gyft for Business app to your Clover Solution, follow the prompts and in minutes you can offer the Gyft mobile gift card program to your customers. There’s no new hardware or software, it’s easy for employees to master, and customers will enjoy the convenience of mobile gift cards.

Not only will Gyft keep your bookkeeping in line, but it can also be a new revenue stream to help your business compete with big box stores and local merchants.

Why offer a gift card program to begin with?

  • Gift cards boost sales. Customers love to give and receive them. On average, consumers spend $over the original value of a gift card.*
  • Gift cards increase brand awareness and loyalty. They’re a marketing tool that reminds new and existing customers of your brand. Gyft for Business also makes it easy to create gift card promotions and loyalty programs.
  • Gift cards engage customers. Your customers are rarely far from their cell phones. Mobile gift cards keep you right there with them.

Learn more about Gyft for Business

Contact us to learn more about Gyft or call 866-571-0311.

*Source: First Data US Consumer Insights Prepaid Study 2014.